28 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Is it true that drinking tea can be the reason of dark skin color of baby

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Answer: Hello No dear it is jus old grand mom tale. Tea coffee do not effect colour of yur baby. But caffeine in tea n coffee is not good during pregnancy it causes problems like Excessive caffeine consumption (defined as drinking three or more cups of coffee or tea daily during pregnancy) has been also associated with a higher incidence of miscarriage and low birth weight. Plus, as it does in adults, caffeine can increase a baby'sheart rate. Let me drill that down for you. 200 mg of caffeine a day is A okay according to doctors. The 200 mg doesn't look like this. In general, a 12-ounce cup of coffee has roughly 200 mg caffeine already. Of course, some of the leading chains pack a little more of buzz. So, order a short or a small 8-ounce cup, which weighs at 180 mg of caffeine. Not a big coffee drinker? You can have roughly 3 cups of black tea and still be within the safe range for caffeine. Studies show that women who ignore the 200 mg can have twice the risk of miscarriage. So know your limit. There are three different processes used to decaffeinate your favorite drinks
Answer: No it's a myth. U don't have to stop taking tea it's just that if u have large amount of intake it has caffeine can lead to side-effects like hypertension etc so have normal o green tea but a cup of two. Instead have other things like coconut water , fresh juices.
Answer: No its not true. During pregnancy drinking tea and coffee is not good for health
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Question: Hi, I'm 20 week. Can i drink tea/ coffee? Is it affect the baby color. Am heard that tea. Or coffee will effect baby color. Is it true?
Answer: Hi dear there is no effect of tea or coffee consumption with complexion of your baby. But tea or coffee both are high in caffeine content and geographical act as a toxin for you baby which can adversely affect your baby's kidney function if you consume it in large quantity on regular basis. So maximum you can drink one or two cups of tea everyday but it's better to avoid consuming coffee. Tea and coffee both reduces production of breast milk. So try to practice avoiding these hot beverages. Hope it helps.
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Question: Hai mam... can i have tea twice a day ??? Everyone are saying drinking tea will change the baby color is it true mam???
Answer: hi dear , baby colour will not depends on the tea or any other food things , it depends on the genes of father and mother color. you can take tea at moderate level , and prefer ginger with tea or herbal tea will have lot of health benefits to boost your immune system. try to reduce the tea and can increase your diet with fresh fruit juices are coconut water vegetable source which helps for baby development and healthy pregnancy .
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Question: During pregnancy can we drink tea? Will drinking tea make baby color dark
Answer: Hi, yes dear there is no problem you can have tea once in a day and do not worry having it does not change the colour of the baby the colour of the baby depends upon the genes of the parents so relax you can consume tea..
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