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Answer: I wish I could say there was some magic position that yields a boy or girl. The fact is, it’s the luck of the draw. Semen contains millions of sperm—half with an X chromosome, half with a Y chromosome. Whether you’ll have a bouncing boy or a giddy girl in nine months is determined by which sperm (X or Y) reaches the egg and fertilizes it first. Countless studies have looked for a relationship between sex positions and gender and come up empty. (Same goes for methods of timing sex around specific days in your cycle.) So no need to twist yourself into a pretzel... unless you want to, of course!
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Question: is it true that you can predict baby's gender by heartbeat that it's a baby girl or baby boy?
Answer: No, the heart rate cannot predict the sex of your baby. There are lots of old wives’ tales surrounding pregnancy. You may have heard that your baby’s heart rate can predict their sex as early as the first trimester. If it’s over 140 bpm, you’re having a baby girl. Below 140 bpm, you’re carrying a boy. The truth is, your baby’s heart will likely start beating sometime around week 6 of your pregnancy. You can even see and measure this flicker of light on an ultrasound. The beats per minute (bpm) start at a slow 90 to 110 bpm and increase daily. They continue to increase until they peak around week 9, between 140 and 170 bpm for boys and girls alike.
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Question: Is it true that a baby boy kicking too much than a baby girl
Answer: Hello! These are all old wives tales. There are no ways to know the gender of the baby. It is best to leave it on the nature and let nature take its own course. Take care
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Question: Sex positions for getting a boy baby
Answer: Nothing like's depends on which chromosome it forms..if it's XY it will b male and XX it will be female... nothing in our hands..
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