20 weeks pregnant mother

Question: is it true tht if belly button pops out during pregnancy it's a baby boy .. bcoz some women don't have there belly button out during pregnancy

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Answer: Nothing of thus sort defines the gender of the baby. These all are oldwives myth which have been passed from generation to generation.
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Question: Is it true that if u don't have sex in pregnancy then your vaginal hole will close and u can't have normal delivery?
Answer: No it is not. Normal delivery is not related to sex. It is related to the position of the body inside the womb. Pregnancy sex is just for satisfaction. It is not related to anything. Yes it may cause complications and sometimes may harmful to baby but not any help it can do.
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Question: There is a myth which goes bat's (bird) shadow shouldn't fall on pregnant women as it affects the baby's growth. How true is this?
Answer: This is nonsense..and nothing.. bat doesn't have to do anything with pregnancy
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Question: In a pregnancy kit there is positive but after some day there is bleeding comes out what is the reason is the women is pregnant or not
Answer: Don't worry sister.... Is this implementation bleeding it's normal tha k
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