30 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Is it true.according to the fetal heart rate we can identify the gender.i here on net

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Answer: Dear Some people say that you can predict baby gender with the Heartbeat of the baby in womb but I'm telling you my personal experience it's not true at all.. it's just a myth.. you can play that for only fun sake but don't get serious about it..
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    Irfan Khan28 days ago

    Ok thank you

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Question: Helo... Can we predict the gender of the baby depends on fetal heart rate
Answer: Hi dear you cannot predict the gender of the baby based on the heartbeat. All such predictions are wrong. The gender of the baby doesn't matter. Having a healthy normal baby is more important.
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Question: Fetal heart rate identify baby sex right or wrong
Answer: Hi dear it is absolutely wrong as in my case it was wrong. These are myth and I don't think u should believe them.
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Question: How can we identify sex of baby based on heart beat rate?
Answer: Hello dear It is totally illegal to know gender of babies in India. You can only guess whether it is a boy or girl by their heartbeat. It is said that girls heartbeat is more than boys heartbeat. So, u can easily predict the gender of babies. It can be myth also. So, it totally depends on u to believe it or not.
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