13 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Is it compuslory to do colour marker test in 13 week ?

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Answer: It is double marker test. Its not compulsary but nowerdays its done as a routine to detect any chromosomal abnormality in baby or any abnormality in placenta ets. It is adviced to undergo the test
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Question: On wich week DR do double marker and triple marker test is it necessary to do the test
Answer: Hello dear...In your 5th or 6th month doctor will do the test ...Yes it is necessary to do this test because in this overall growth for example liver; kidney nd bones ...Mental and physical growth will be measured so you have to do this test
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Question: Is it okay to do anamel scan in 21st week?in which week we can do tripple marker test?
Answer: Hi dear, Triple marker test must be done either end of first trimester or beginning of second trimester.ideally between 15-20 the week.ypu are late for that.anomaly scan is done between 18-21 weeks.
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Question: can I done double marker test in 16Week........coz I missed it in between 9 to 13 week..
Answer: I think double marker test is usually done between 11 -13 week
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