1 months old baby

Question: is it safe to use nipple sheild??

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Answer: Hello dear. Yes its absolutely safe. However make sure it cleaned or sterilised for each use. Take care.
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Question: Is it safe to use nipple sheild for feeding baby
Answer: Yes u can use but dont make habbit of it bcs once ur baby will be habitual of nipple shield it will be very diffult for u to feed him directly... i faced this problem.. he use to not take milk directly from my nipples bcs my nipples were flat so doctor suggested me to use nipple shield and i started that but it becames habbit of my baby to suck with nipple shield.. babys get confused between our nipple and that nipple shield and they feel more comfortable with nipple shield.. for 1 month my baby took milk from nipple shield but now he is taking directly.. 1st u give him from nipple shield for 5 min than slowly remove that and try to give directly. I also deed the same... it will take time but u will get result. I hope my answer is helpful for u. Thank u
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Question: Hello mam my baby is 6 day old and is weak .I m giving breastfeed with the use of nipple sheild. Is it safe to use nipple sheild
Answer: Hi, dear it's absolutely safe to use nipple shield for baby. I got Cracked nipples during my time so I also have used nipple. Shield so don't worry its safe..
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Question: how to use me me nipple sheild?
Answer: Nipple shield are advises that are used to help babies who are not yet breastfeeding normally. Sit the shield on the nipple to brim turn like a hat. Then smooth down the edges. This will help the shield stick better. Moist the edges will also hold in it place.
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