12 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Is it safe to use Vwash liquid during pregnancy......??

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Answer: Yes , in fact you should . I cross checked with my doctor too 
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Question: Hi. Is it safe to use vwash to clean our private area during pregnancy ??
Answer: Hi dear, v wash is help to clear your intimate area and maintain the pH level which is very important during pregnancy to avoid any chances of infection so yes you can use. But if you have any infection or cut on your vaginal area then its better to avoid or you should consult your doctor once about it. Hope it helps.
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Question: Is it safe to use vwash during 11th week pregnancy
Answer: Hello dear, using a vaginal wash during pregnancy is good to maintain hygienic conditions..and prevent infection... However please check with your doctor if this particular brand is safe to use as these washes alter the pH levels in your vagina..so its best to use the wash that's prescribed by the doctor..
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Question: Is it safe to use vwash during pregnancy
Answer: Hi.. it is advisable to avoid using intimate  wash during pregnancy and use mild low fragrance soap as it can affect the ph balance of ur vagina...
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