3 months old baby

Question: Is it safe to use gripe water for baby boy

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Answer: It would be wise if you do not give gripe water for baby. There is not rule for giving gripe water. Some gripe water brands do add alcohol to it. So have to be really cautious about that. Gripe water is usually given to babies for colic. But it is always good to ask your pediatrician whether you can give gripe water for colic or do ask for a better solution for colic.Never experiment anything on newborns.
Answer: No dear.. gripe water is not good for babies.
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Question: Is it safe to give Woodward gripe water for baby?
Answer: Gripe water is not good to be given to babies. To prevent colic, parents try to give it to babies. But most of the gripe water companies add alcohol to it, which is not safe for baby. It also does not have any benefits. So do not take gripewater. Ask doctor for the best colic aid medicine for baby's colic
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Question: Is it safe to use gripe water??
Answer: gripe water is not advisable by the doctors. according them it spoils the digestion system.Sometimes it may be cause of allergy.Some gripe water contains alcohol and artificial flavors which are very harmful for babies. 
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Question: Can we use Gripe water daily to baby? for colics is it safe?
Answer: Dont use gripe water. Use colicaid insted for colic
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