5 months old baby

Question: Is it safe to use Johnsons baby powder???

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Answer: Yes.. It is.. But some babies skin is too sensitive that they require natural products for their skin.. In that case u can use Himalaya or mama earth products.
Answer: Use dermadew lotion alternative for powder it is good because I m using this lotion for my daughter
Answer: Hi.. Yes, dear it is safe to use it, there are numerous brands available in the market, as such.
Answer: Nope..better u Can use himalaya products..
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Question: Hi madam, i want to use johnsons baby oil for my baby. It is safe or not?
Answer: Hi There are many gentle baby oils in market...they are safe as they still being used by many people...but always try to give babies stuffs all natural and home therapy which is safe....for massage oil use mustard oil whivh helps for.baby healthy skin and helps for good digestion too....for hair oil use heatef and cooled coconut oil
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Question: Is it safe to use johnsons baby products
Answer: Yes they are safe. You may avoid powder although because there was a cancer case in lady by using jonshons powder, tgat too in some foreign country. Its not proved that it was fake news or was true but there is no wrong in taking precaution.
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Question: Is johnsons shampoo safe to use?
Answer: Usually any brand shampoo is not considered safe, as everything has chemicals in them. So try to give a shampoo bath once in a week and not on a daily basis. Consult your doctor for the best baby shampoo
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