6 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Is it safe to travel long distance by car in the first trimester??

2 Answers
Answer: Yes, it is safe to travel in pregnancy as long as u are having no medical complications. If u are enjoying healthy pregnancy then travelling is safe. But u have to take proper precautions such as: 1. While traveling wear loose clothes 2. Take something to eat for urself 3. Sleep in between to get some restto ur body 4. Take a break in between and stretch ur legs.
Answer: No plz avoid
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Question: Is it safe to travel 300 km by car during 27th week pregnancy
Answer: Hello dear if your pregnancy is going smoothly without any complication than after consult with doctor you can travel . Your doctor know you case well .
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Question: Is it safe to travel at this time in a car for 400 km????
Answer: No dear you Should not travel at this time . Your delivery can be happen at any time . It’s quite risky for you .
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Question: I am 14 weeks pregnant and have to travel through private car will it be safe to travel a distance of 200km?
Answer: It is not advisible to travel such long distances.
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