19 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Is it safe to take Duphaston 10Mg during 5th Month ? I am taking it from beginning of my pregnancy. I am taking it twice a day. Also my doctor has given me Ecosprin 75 mg. What is it for ?

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Answer: Ecosprin to thin your blood i am taking it since my first trimester
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    CA. RAVI AGARWAL1198 days ago

    Is it compulsory ?

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Question: My dr has given me duphaston 10mg , projestron injection and ecosprin? Why duphaston and projestron injection both prescribed that I want to know. My age is 34. And why ecosprin is suggested in pregnancy? I am 10week pregnant
Answer: I don't know abou duphaston but progesterone is to avoid miscarriage. May b due to hormonal imbalance or if u had any previous miscarriage conditions or got conceived after years or you may have bleeding problem. Taking Progesterone is for precaution no issue in taking while u r pregnant. Doc will stop after 3 months.
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Question: I am getting watery brown discharge today and I am also taking duphaston 10mg suggested by my doctor..is everything OK or any matter of concern??
Answer: Observe today..coz it's common the old blood comes out..bt if it continues then plzz urgently go to doctor.. light brown and light pink for 2 days or couple of hours is ok..bt pain along with red blood is not ok..so,don't panic relax and wait for today..take rest more,avoid stairs and lifting heavy things..
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Question: Hi i am 20 weeks pregnent my dr has priscribed ecosprin 150 mg is it safe??
Answer: My doctor also prescribed me ecosprin 150. Don't know why
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