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Question: Is it safe to start walking 6th month onwards??

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Answer: During this "honeymoon" trimester, energy peaks and nausea should be history—the perfect time to exercise. If you are beginning this program in your second trimester, start by walking 10 minutes a day, four to five days a week.When you're ready, pick two days that will become your longer-walk days (15-30 minutes) and add another day of walking. Your Goal: Toward the end of the trimester, try walking 15-30 minutes a day, four to six days a week.
Answer: Hello, I'm happy to help. Yes you can do walking. Regular walking during pregnancy reduces the risks of miscarriage, birth defects, still birth, gestational diabetes etc. Although it is slow compared to other exercises, walking is safe and risk free. With regular practice, walkinghelps to lose weight after childbirth. However confirm with your gynecologist too. Take care.
Answer: Yes dear It is safe to start walking from 6th month onwards. Walking is good during pregnancy and also it is a low impact exercise that burns calories and helps to increase your metabolism. In fact doctor suggests to have daily 30 minutes walk for atleast 5 days a week.
Answer: Its safe. And good for u and u r baby also
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Question: Can we do walking from 4 month onwards is it safe or not
Answer: Hello! According to experts, just 150 minutes of walking in a week yields loads of benefits for pregnant women.  You can even break your 150-minute target as per your convenience. Benefits of walking Regular walking during pregnancy reduces the risks of miscarriage, birth defects, still birth, gestational diabetes etc.Being active keeps your body healthy and fit to endure the physical challenges of pregnancy, labour pain and child birth.Walking keeps your heart strong and muscles toned. It provides the strength to carry the weight of your growing baby.It helps you to have an easy and short labour without any complications.It relieves you from constipation, helps you sleep better and concentrate on everyday work.It prevents excess weight gain by burning calories. Although it is slow compared to other exercises, walking is safe and risk free.With regular practice, walking helps to lose weight after childbirth.It helps to kick off depression, mood swings and emotional stress.
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Question: Is it safe to go for walking in 9th month ??
Answer: Walking is the best exercise when it comes to pregnancy as it keeps your body fit, improves digestion , helps in getting rid of bloating and flatulence. However you shouldn't be walking to the extent of exhaustion. Also it's recommended to incorporate more exercises in your regime rather than just doing walking. As your pregnancy will progress it will be little tough to walk for so long as whole weight will fall on your knees. Therefore you should be doing exercise to strengthen your lower body and pelvic area which is prepare body to handle delivery pressure.
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Question: Is it better to walk slow or fast? (Walking in my 6th month)
Answer: Slow walking is advisable....cz of fast walk your breath become fast....u feel tired ....n if any obstacles in ur way u may fall...so walk slow n carefully.....if my answer helpful?
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Question: Hi... Which month onwards we should start exercising or walking for normal delivery?
Answer: After completing 3rd month
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