14 weeks pregnant mother

Question: is it safe to sit on floor in 13 month of pregnamcy???

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Answer: yes it is safe...Distribute your body weight evenly on both hips. Keep your hips and knees at a right angle (use a foot rest or stool if necessary). Your legs should not be crossed and your feet should be flat on the floor. Try to avoidsitting in the same position for more than 30 minutes.
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Question: Is it safe to sit down on floor from 7th month of pregnancy
Answer: Hello! There is no problem in sitting on the floor as long as you are comfortable. But do not bend down while sitting, use squat position while sitting down and do not fold your legs while sitting down. Take care
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Question: After 35 days of c section it is safe to sit on floor
Answer: First of all congratulations for having an adorable baby. Hope everything is going good with you two. After cesarean one needs to rest atleast for a month, like any other surgery cesarean is also a major surgery. Many layers(skin,tissue fat muscles,uterus) are cut to get your baby out. But it's often taken lightly because the outcome of this surgery is so beautiful. What one must remember that your site of incision doesn't heal in a day it takes around 3 months to heal externally and another 3to heal internally, but it's impossible to be on bed rest for that long especially with a newborn and its not even recommended to refrain from any kind of activity for that long. Take things lightly and gradually when dealing with cesarean recovery. You can start with light activities like walking, sitting, taking bath after a week from the surgery. Post a month you can resume all your daily activity like household chore, dancing, taking care of baby, travelling etc. Post 3 months you can add light exercises in your routine Avoiding your abdomen area. Post 6 month you are free to do almost anything. Jumping,lifting objects (not too heavy), plates, zumba or any other form of heavy exercises. Your recovery depends on how well you are taking care of your body. You should be taking healthy protein rich food with atleast a rest of 3-4 hours on a day. It could be challenging with a newborn but if you want yourself to regain tour stamina and strength you have to manage.
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Question: Is it safe to sit cross legged on the floor in pregnancy ?
Answer: yes you can sit on the floor with cross-legged if you feel comfortable and your tummy must not be disturbed when you sit so .. if your tummy appears or if you your tummy size has grown then you may not be able to sit comfortably in such positions... in such cases you may avoid sitting on the floor . sit on a chair or sofa with a support for ur legs on a table or chair .. it is OK to sit in such position for a few weeks in initial pregnancy .. you may avoid them later or you will not be able to sit comfortable later ..avoid when u r not comfortable
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Question: Is it safe to sit on floor in indian style during and after 6 weeks pregnancy?
Answer: Hello! No please do not sit on floor with cross legged. It can cause cramps in your legs. Hence, please avoid sitting like this. Take care
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