39 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Is it safe to preserve umbilical cord blood tissue

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Answer: Hello, Only LifeCell Gives Protection Against All Conditions Treatable With Stem Cell
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Question: Why umbilical cord blood flow decreased.
Answer: Hi dear umbilical cord blood blood is decreases in your place entire scaring or less blood to the baby is that what you want to say, is your Placenta matured early? please let us know what your report shows so that we can help you .. Hope this helps!
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Question: urgent inquiry.....is it worthy to preserve umbilical cord of newborn...plz answer
Answer: stem cell preservation that is being trending in recent years is costly and you may need to pay it every year for the preservation .. but in olden days from our grandma times they used to store the umbilical cord once it falls off ... they used to keep the umbilical cord in a silver or golden cylinder called thayathu ..it s complete safe and similar to stem cell preservation...the fallen umblical cord is just like a treasure where a mom can feel her connectivity with her baby for her lifetime..
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Question: Is it safe to give bath for newborn till umbilical cord falls off
Answer: Hi yes definitely it's quite safe to give your baby bath even with umbilical cord so don't worry I have always given my baby bath when she had her umbical cord attached to get she never had any problem
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