4 months old baby

Question: Is it safe to make baby sleep on sides

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Answer: No dear, it's not safe to sleep baby on sides. It's important to sleep baby straight on back to avoid any problems..
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Question: Hello! My baby is 4 months..I make him sleep in his sides(both side) to make his head round in shape...is it safe?
Answer: Hi, yes it is ok. If rhe child is comfortablw then dont worry. It issssd fine
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Question: while sleeping on the sides (as it is good to sleep on the sides) my bump is getting pressed. does it compress my baby too...is it safe??
Answer: Hello The best way to sleep is on your left as it gives good supply to the uterus and has more space compared to the right as most of the liver is on it right. You can sleep with a pillow under ur belly and a pillow behind your back. It's a task to get comfortable as your body is changing so fast but it's a time worth enjoying. Hope I helped
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Question: can one month baby sleep on sides..is it safe
Answer: Plz try to make baby sleep in straight as it is dangerous for baby to sleep straight for first 3 months. U can use swaddle process to make baby sleep straight.
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