19 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Is it safe to hv sex. M 19 weeks pregnant

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Answer: Yes its absolutely safe through out the pregnancy if u dnt have any complications before bt do make sure to confirm to ur doctor also before having sex
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Question: hi m 3 weeks pregnant is it safe to hv sex.
Answer: you should avoid it in early pregnancy..it can be harmful.
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Question: M 2 weeks pregnant is it safe to have sex?
Answer: Hello! It is better to avoid sex during the first trimester. It is a crucial period and better to avoid sex during this period. However, you can have sex after the1st trimester if you don't have any complications. The amniotic sac and the strong muscles of the uterus protect the baby, and the thick mucus plug that seals the cervix helps guard against infection.  Take care 
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Question: hello. Im 19 weeks pregnant. is it safe to travel?
Answer: Hello! You can travel provided you don't have any complications in your pregnancy. If you are planning to travel through road, please avoid bumpy roads and take breaks every 45-60 mins. Always carry water, food and necessary medicine with you during the journey. Also consult the doctor before commencement of your journey.
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