8 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Is it safe to hv sex in 2nd month?

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Answer: Hello... No dear, it is not safe, You can have intercourse after first trimester,if you notice any bleeding or pain,after intercourse please consult doctor,it is better to get their attention
Answer: Hi It is best to avoid sec in first trimester of pregnancy as you do not know the exact position of placenta Post 3 months you can have sex once your Doctor gives you a clean ticket
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Question: Is it safe to have sex in 2nd month pregnancy??
Answer: Hi.. Yes, if you have had a healthy pregnancy there is no reason why you and your partner can not have sex. Your little baby is snugly protected by the amniotic sac and the strong muscles of your womb (uterus), while the thick mucus plug that seals your cervix helps to guard against infection.
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Question: Doing sex in 2nd month is it safe or not
Answer: Hi Initial stage it will not advisable to have sex It can leads to bleeding or may b lead to miscarriage.. So please be careful
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Question: Can i hv sex in 2nd mnth
Answer: Hi Dear ,so sex during pregnancy really depends how smooth and low risk your pregnancy is . If your doctor didn't advise any precaution then its completely fine to have sex but if there is a little complication is included then its better to wait till delivery..
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Question: Is it safe to hv sex. M 19 weeks pregnant
Answer: Yes its absolutely safe through out the pregnancy if u dnt have any complications before bt do make sure to confirm to ur doctor also before having sex
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