2 months old baby

Question: Is it safe to have maggie during breastfeeding

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Answer: Hello dear, Maggi noodles come under instant noodles... It does ket which have the potential to be harmful during pregnancy...instant noodles do not have any nutritional value and they only satisfy your hunger for a short period of time.. Instant noodles have artificial colouring and flavour additives which aim to prolong its shelf life, and these can harm the growth of your baby by seeping into the breast milk...so please avoid it..
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Question: Is it safe to have Maggie during pregnancy?
Answer: Hello... No dear, it is advisable to avoid Maggie ,is made up of maida,which is not good for health,may cause Indigestion, and it also has enhancers and preservatives,to enhance its taste,so it is better to avoid Maggie during this period.
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Question: is it safe to eat maggie during pregnancy?
Answer: Hello ! Please avoid all such junk and processed foods coz they contain no nutrition values, poor hygiene, and lots of preservatives which might harm you and baby both. Instead, if you crave for these things alot go for few spoons once in awhile.
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Question: Is it safe to eat Maggie for breastfeeding mom
Answer: Hi It is always safe to avoid instant mixes for diets aa it contains preservatives and it is not good for baby as well for your digestion..take care
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