5 months old baby

Question: Is it safe to have frowns during breastfeeding

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Question: Is it safe to have birth control pills during breastfeeding
Answer: Hi. Pills can reduce breast milk and not safe. There are some birth control options with zero or minimal side effects. They are as follows. 1.Implant is inserted under your skin by doctor. It prevents pregnancy for almost three years. It shows effects on your periods. Only one out of hundred cases got pregnant. 2.Copper t got it's name as it is made of copper and in shape of T. It is a birth control device. It is the most effective firm of contraception, with a success rate of almost 99.3%.It can be inserted any time after delivery, and can be removed if you face any problems. The only side effect known till now is heavy bleed during periods. If you want permanent birth control, you can opt for family planning operation. Contact doctor for further discussion and you can decide.Take care
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Question: Is it safe to have maggie during breastfeeding
Answer: Hello dear, Maggi noodles come under instant noodles... It does ket which have the potential to be harmful during pregnancy...instant noodles do not have any nutritional value and they only satisfy your hunger for a short period of time.. Instant noodles have artificial colouring and flavour additives which aim to prolong its shelf life, and these can harm the growth of your baby by seeping into the breast milk...so please avoid it..
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Question: Is it safe to have lime water during breastfeeding
Answer: Doctors usually asked to avoid having too much of vitamin c rich fruits after 3 months after delivery. So best is to avoid for now.
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