30 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Is it safe to have 2 3 green cardamoms daily as m craving cardamom these days

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Question: Hi i have strong craving for black cardamom. Is it safe to eat?
Answer: Yes but in small amounts. In sweet items like kheer, barfi, rice etc
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Question: I'm 5 week praganent women.. my friend is suggesting to take cardamom daily.. is it safe to eat during praganency?.. what will be the effects while eat cardamoms..
Answer: Hello dear, as we know, cardamom is hot in nature, you can't take more than 1 cardamom in a day, better to avoid in your first trimester.
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Question: Hello I'm in 23 weeks of pregnancy n in last few days i hv been craving for cardamom...Is it safe to eat 2-3 cardamom during this weeks...please suggest
Answer: Hi dear, Spices are heat for body.other than that there is no issue.you can definitely have cardomom.
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Question: I m so much craving for slate pencil these days ...is it safe...??
Answer: Congratulations on your pregnancy craving is normal during pregnancy but Slate pencil is not at all safe in pregnancy it has many chemicals in it and it has Citric levels higher which can totally irritate your stomach so please divert yourself with some other food like some sweet if you are not diabetic if you are diabetic you can have your favourite food other than this take care
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