10 months old baby

Question: Is it safe to give pasterized boiled milk for 10 month baby?

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Answer: No dear, earlier 1 year don't give any packet milk or cow's or other animal milk. Till 1 year, only formula milk is good for baby. After 1 year, you can start.
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    Shaheen Khan95 days ago

    My baby has acidity problem .bolid potatoes are ok for her?

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Question: is it okey to give boiled potato for 6 month old baby
Answer: Hello dear. Yes you can. However make sure you start with a small quantity and increase it gradually. Take care.
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Question: Is milk of magnesia safe for 2 month old baby?? How to give it? Pls help
Answer: i will advise to five only if pedeatrician recomens, otherwise nulaxand evict are the medicines syrups to be given for constipation but for smaller babies constipated for more than 6-7 days then salt anema should be given and inserted. Never give your child a laxative, suppository, or enema without consulting his doctor.
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Question: Is it okey to give boiled apple with milk to my 23 months old baby
Answer: Yes boiled apple is good fr baby......but don't give it with milk....u can give milk at difference from Apple......if u do it may cause food poisoning
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