2 months old baby

Question: Is it safe to feed baby evry hour if baby asks for milk.My baby is 55 days old. When she is awake she asks for milk evry hour.suggestions required

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Answer: You can feed the baby whenever it demands but give the baby a proper burp.
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Question: Is it necessary to feed baby in every two hours,even if she is not awake?
Answer: Yes...because they will be hungry...just tap baby feet if baby dint wake up, tap baby lips if baby is hungry baby will open his mouth then u can feed baby
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Question: I am on bf and my baby is 2 months old. I think she is not getting sufficient milk as she asks for feed in ever hour.. what should i do to increase my breast milk?
Answer: Have menthe seeds in soaked in water for 3 to 4 hours. U can make chatni out of it..
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Question: hi myy baby is 40 days old when she is awake after feed.Once she does urine..she need another feed and cries very much.is it normal
Answer: S dear. It is normal. She has very small stomach and in 1 month she will take little feed only. So once she passes urine she will be hungry. So feed ur baby frequently dear.
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Question: How to find out if breast milk is sufficient for baby or not? My girl is 48 days old... She asks for bm every hour.. She is exclusively on bm.. How to find out if I am producing sufficient bm?
Answer: Hi dear Yes your bm is enough See she is small and she can't drink too much at one time So after feed she pees and again her stomach becomes empty and she demands milk.. After feed check her belly
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