3 months old baby

Question: is it safe to eat watermelon with bf.

5 Answers
Answer: Yes, u can eat. Its safe to eat fruits
Answer: What is bf?
Answer: Yes you can
Answer: Yes u can
Answer: Yes
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Question: Hi, is it safe to eat watermelon?
Answer: Hi. Ya water melon is safe in pregnancy as it helps to keeps you hydrated and very in minerals,calcium,vitamin and nutrients...it helps to keep away from morning sick ness and cures constepation issues in pregnancy
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Question: Is it safe to eat watermelon
Answer: Yes You can eat watermelon during pregnancy..eating of watermelon having some benefits during pregnancy they are,it relievs hurtburn and major acidity problems,the high water content in watermelon helps reduce the swellings oj foot or hands,it also reduces the morning sickness..keep your body hydrated,and also reduces constipation and musle cramps..but over eating of watermelon can cause gestational diabetis..and eat only fresh watermelon because its spoil very easy if you wil not eat fresh thrn you may feel nausea,vomiting or gestational uncomfort
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Question: Is watermelon safe to eat?
Answer: Yes watermelons are generally very very safe during pregnancy .the water content in the watermelon will prevent you from constipation and dehydration. it may also control nausea bcoz the liquid that comes out when you bite the watermelon will be refreshing... normally pregnant womens tends to pass more urine than usual so if you have any plan to go outside better avoid watermelons because they may make you to urinate frequently outside.. if you are at home you can eat n enjoy them...avoid being chilled..
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