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Question: Is it safe to eat sprouts in early pregnancy

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Answer: Hello dear...Yes,having sprouted grains is good for pregnancy, it promotes good health,but it should be cooked well before consuming, because raw cook or slightly cook sprouts can cause food poisoning, because they may contain bacteria when they are sprouted in humid conditions
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    shilpa arora1183 days ago


Answer: Children, the elderly, pregnant women, and persons with weakened immune systems should avoid eating raw sprouts of any kind (including alfalfa, clover, radish, and mung bean sprouts). Cook sprouts thoroughly to reduce the risk of illness. Cooking kills the harmful bacteria.
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    shilpa arora1183 days ago


Answer: Totally yes as it has high protein and fiber content which is necessarily required during this period.
Answer: Ya.. sprouts are very nutritious.. it's very good
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