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Question: Is it safe to eat pomegranate, saptoya, green grapes fruit in 13th week of pregnancy and please advice me which type of fruits ,vegetables,and food items i can take it baby growth please advise me

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Answer: You can have pomegranate,grapes and many other fruits like apple, water melon, chikoo Also consume green leafy vegies as much as possible...have coconut water... Keep yourself hyderated as much as possible... Have protin rich food like paneer, milk, rasgulla...
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    Rajendran Mano26 days ago

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Question: ls it safe to eat pomegranate fruit and green grapesin 13th week of pregnancy, which type of fruit i should eat to get nutrition for baby .please advise
Answer: Avoid grapes.. pomegranate helps to build hemoglobin.
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Question: Which type of food can we eat? Like which vegetables and fruits??
Answer: Hello.. Dear during first trimester,you may experience nausea, vomitting, tiredness and more sleepy during day too,so you should have nutritious diet will help lot.. Include folate rich whole grain,oats ,millet,green leafy vegetables, veggies and fruits will help lot in neural tube development Always have fruits after meal will increase stamina,thus prevent tiredness Have two glasses of milk daily,also include curd,paneer,tofu will increase calcium content,which is needed for bone development of fetus If you feel more nauseated or have too much vomitting,have breakfast within a hour of wakeup,add ginger,cumin to your diet will helps in preventing these issues,can also have cumin water will help a lot It is essential to drink three litres of water a day,also include soup, juices will help to prevent dehydration Include lean chicken,eggs and low mercury content fish,prefer home made foods rather than outside food, avoid papaya, grapes, pineapple Apart from diet,it is essential to take folic acid tablet will helps in preventing neural tube development and avoid heavy workout,take rest as much you can.
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Question: Which type of fruits and vegetables i eat
Answer: Dear you can eat almost all seasonal fruits just avoid papaya and pineapple and grapes and other then these you can eat all seasonal fruits ...
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Question: Hi.. can i eat grapes and green choliya ki sabzi..? and which fruits and vegetables should i avoid..? please suggest
Answer: no you should avoid grapes can have choliya dear
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