6 weeks pregnant mother

Question: is it safe to eat meggi in 2nd month of pragnancy?

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Answer: Oh dear it's best to avoid. It carries no nutritional value and also it's hard to digest. In pregnancy your digestive slows down, consuming on junk food will me it tough on your gut. It you are craving badly for it then prepare it with lots and lots if vegetables in that way it ll make sure that your are getting enough amount of fibres to aid digestion.
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Question: is it safe to eat meggi in 2nd month of pragnancy
Answer: yes you can eat maggie..Try to avoid all processed food stuffs as for as possible as they have high levels of salt, sugar and preservatives. Having them once in a while wouldn't be a problem. But try having fresh and locally available food stuffs more often!
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Question: Is it safe to intercourse in 2nd month of pregnancy
Answer: Hi dear, in normal pregnancy you can do sex after 3months but very gently. Othetwise it can cause vaginal bleeding with abdominal pain. So, be careful.
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Question: is it safe to eat Almonds in 2nd month of pregnancy
Answer: Yes you can have almonds during pregnancy it is rich in protein: The high protein content in almonds help in the healthy development of muscle mass in a growing baby. It is rich in calcium: Since almonds are rich in Calcium, it helps in reducing the risk of hypertension.
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