7 weeks pregnant mother

Is it safe to drive car in first trimester

Hi dear, Yes ,you can drive car in first trimester.there is no issue in that.if you are comfortable driving then please continue.
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Question: Is it safe to drive a car while 1st trimester
Answer: Hello Yes it is very safe to drive a car while pregnant. I drove to work till 9 months of my pregnancy. You need to watch you speed limit. Go slow and steady. Take a road that has less pot holes even though it's a bit longer. Try avoiding sudden breaks. Always wear seat belt. Stop driving whn the steering wheel is touching ur belly
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Question: in first trimester is it safe to drive mopet bike
Answer: not at all... avoid jerks until your baby settles down properly in your uterus
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Question: Is it safe to travel in car during first trimester ?
Answer: Hello ma'am , If u r Healthy then u can travel in car . No problem Thanku
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