13 weeks pregnant mother

Question: is it safe to drink sugarcane juice after after two three hours..how long sugarcane juice can be stored in refrigerator

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Answer: Fresh juice cannot be stored normally for more than six hours due to the presence of simple sugars through Sugar cane juice extractor, which spoils the juice quickly.Sugar cane is absolutely safe during pregnancy, unless you have gestational diabetes or some kind of insulin problem. Sugarcane juice is alkaline in nature because of the high concentration of calcium, magnesium, potassium, iron, and manganese... Thus it is useful and beneficial to drink it during pregnancy...
Answer: No.. refrigerated product should be avoided.. you can have 1 or 2 glasses per day.. coz.. it contains suger.. and gestational diabetes chances can be increased by it.. so in moderation nothing hurts.. keep that in mind and choose your diet according to that if possible
Answer: Drink 1-2 glass a day ..Is better for u ... Don't store in a fridge ..If also u want the have it after half n hr .. 😊
Answer: Try to have fresh juice don't store it
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Question: Can I drink Appy fizz drink it is safe to eat not harmful for my baby
Answer: Dear it is absolutely not safe to have soft drinks..the soda based beverages would effect your baby's nervous system..so kindly avoid..moreover the water used in it might have pesticides room..it also has enormous amount of added sugar..nothing is good about cold drinks..please avoid..
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Question: Im 2 months pregnant now is it safe to drink sugarcane juice
Answer: Sugar cane juice is ok to drink but as it is a rich source of natural sugar you shouldn't include sugarcane juice in regular that as it can increase your sugar level and can cause gestational diabetes. Sometimes you can drink if you are not suffering from diabetes.
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Question: Can I drink sugarcane juice
Answer: No dear drinking sugarcane juice is not advisable as it is very high in sugar as well as hygiene is a very big issue with it
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