5 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Is it safe to drink juices like Tropicana, Real, Paper boat etc ? Do they have preservatives ?

2 Answers
Answer: Hi dear Tropicana real or paper boat diesel store bought juices now to increase the shelf life they do use preservatives hence I would suggest you to please have fresh fruits instead.. Hope thia helps!
Answer: Yes they have preservatives, better u make juice at home .. That will b hygenic and preservative free..
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Answer: No dear you should not drink cold drink like spirite because it contains added sugar, soda and preservative in it which is not good for your baby
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Question: Can I use real or Tropicana juice due to lockdown is it save
Answer: It's not that healthy dear. It contains high level of sugar which will harm ur digestion and will let u gain more of weight
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Question: Is pregnant women safe to do yoga like breathing etc
Answer: Yes of course it's safe.. U can do anulom vilom and ujjayi.. But avoid कपालभाति pranayam
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