9 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Is it safe to drink horlicks at pregnancy time??

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Answer: yes of course you can drink mother's Horlicks that is generally taken by most of the pregnant women in India it is actually good for pregnant women during the phase of pregnancy as well as after delivery they help so much in lactation so mothers Horlicks is generally good you can intake it for a healthy weight gain of your baby ... mother's Horlicks is taken by mothers who does not like to drink milk plain..you can also include vegetable fruits and more liquid intake in your diet eat raisins nuts and dates everyday ..
Answer: Hello dear. During pregnancy instead of horlicks you should take mother's horlicks. Hope it helps.
Answer: Yes u can. Mothers horlicks is best as well
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Question: Is it safe to drink horlicks during pregnancy
Answer: Drink mother's Horlicks.. It is good for baby growth, breastfeeding...don't need to take normal Horlicks..
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Question: Is it safe to drink mothers horlicks
Answer: Yes it is completely safe to drink mother's horlicks.Also,.it is suggested to take twice daily with milk.
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