10 months old baby

Question: Is it safe to drink green coffee beans while breastfeeding?

3 Answers
Answer: Congratulations on your baby and welcome to the motherhood. It is not advisable to take green coffee beans while your are breast feeding as it contains chlorogenic acid which reduce your weight. Also during this periods you should have healthy and nutritious food,have good amount of milk. Hope this information was helpful.
Answer: Take less coffee as it can form gas.. one small cup a day is fine
Answer: Not more than one cup?
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Question: Is it safe to drink coffee while you are breastfeeding? My baby is 5 months old now.
Answer: Yes dea one small cup is fine.. my experience when I was drinking more my milk reduced
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Question: Hi.... is it safe to drink safi while breastfeeding?
Answer: Nooooo as it can interfere breast milk whatever u take will automatically go with breast milk take care what u take..
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Question: Is it safe to takecontraceptive while breastfeeding?
Answer: No dear...since everything is hormonal .any alterations with medication can effect the supply.even a simple antibiotic can effect breastmilk supply. You can safely use non-hormonal birth control while breastfeeding
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