18 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Is it safe to drink boost

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Answer: Dear,honestly these health supplement powder have long sugar in y.. definitely not a healthy option .Instead make a powder of roasted dry fruits and add in milk with some honey..it is the best..I used to have it daily .
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Question: Is it safe to drink boost during pregnancy?
Answer: Boost is a nutritional supplement meant for people who are not eating well and are at nutritional risk. It is a nutritional drink that provides you with calories, protein, carbohydrates, fat and several vitamins and minerals as well. In your case, Boost should be fine as long as your are not taking it to substitute your meals. It is meant to supplement your diet. I understand this might be the only thing your stomach can tolerate, but just make sure that you are also getting some food. You can take Boost 2-3 times per day as your morning, afternoon, and bedtime snacks. Hope this helps!!! If my ans is helpful plz mark it as helpful thanks
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Question: Is it safe to drink boost during first trimester?
Answer: You can drink boost but I'ts always better to drink health drinks that are specially formulated for pregnant women. Iused to drink Pro -pl chocolate powder suggested by my doctor , you can try that. Hope it helps
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Question: Is it safe to drink boost in 4th month ?
Answer: Hi, before taking any sort of supplement, it is better to consult the doctor. Without consulting the doctor, do not take any sort of supplement.
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