13 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Is it safe to do waxing at this time??

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Answer: Yes dear safe but need to take more precautions I suggest you can use veet and take home services at possible in this time our health is very important
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    Reshma Surendran183 days ago

    Thank you so muchhh...

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Question: Is it safe to do hystrolaproscopy?
Answer: Hi dear dr suggest hystrolaproscopy such as heavy periods, unusual vaginal bleeding, postmenopausal bleeding, pelvic pain, repeated miscarriages or difficulty getting pregnant. diagnose conditions – such as fibroids and polyps. So if ur dr suggest u this u can go 4 that its safe .
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Question: Is it gud n safe to do aswini mudra for normal delivery ? Do anyone tried this
Answer: dear walking and butterfly pose yoga is the best thing to do for normal delivery so walking will help your pelvic floor to prepare for childbirth and butterfly pose yoga will help in widening your hips
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Question: what about waxing or threading at this time .is this okay?
Answer: Dear threading you can do during pregnancy ,even during my pregnancy i used to to do it every month. But waxing can cause skin rashes so better to take patch test before go for it.
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