14 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Is it safe to deliver baby on 36th/37th week? Will it be called prematured? My height is only 4•10. People say short height people can't hold baby for longer time. Is it so?

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Answer: If everything is normal and you don't get natural pain then you should wait for 39 weeks and deliver baby by c section. In short heighted women there are chances that the pelvic structure will be small and average size baby cannot pass though it. So c section has to be done. However sometimes small mothers have small sized babies and are able to deliver normally. It's not true that short height people can't hold baby till term pregnancy. The chances of delivery by c section is more. But without any indication it is not advisable to terminate the pregnancy preterm. Hope this information is useful to you.
Answer: Hi,depends yes possible because the baby will not have enough space and so the Dr may advice early delivery. But don't worry delivering anytime after 36 weeks us considered to be normal .as the baby has developed well by then there us nothing t worry.
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