25 weeks pregnant mother

Question: is it safe to apply ice pack on belly as it caused some burn while cooking

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Answer: For sometimes it is safe since you have got a burn. But dont keep the ice pack continously
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Question: Is it safe to apply ice cube in belly?
Answer: hi dear I don't know why you are asking for this question as dear if you get any pain then you can massage gautami with oil when you apply ice cubes then it might cause a hurting and also it may increase the body temperature and we can also cause of fever so we must be very careful during pregnancy if you could ask for the reason then we can suggest youwith the good remedies to be followed if you have a any stretching pain then it is good to apply aloe vera or castor oil
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Question: Applying ice pack on my belly...is it affect my baby?
Answer: Yes. Its definitely affects both of you. Dont take cold items. Are u trying to weight loss? If yes u can follow some belly beginner exercise dont take heavy one Wear a tight clothes around ur belly for tightening the skin after pregnancy
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Question: Can I apply ice pack on abdomen
Answer: Hi dear, Cold compress is absolutely safe .if you have cramps ,it could give releif to you.the cramps at this stage is due to uterus expansion.
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