4 months old baby

Question: is it safe have sugar cane juice after delivery

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Answer: yes dear you can have if you don't have diabetes.
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Question: Is it safe to drink sweet melon juice during pregnancy??
Answer: yes you can drink but without adding sugar and try to consume it as fruit not juice.but pregnant women can develop gestational diabeties.so better to avoid fruit juices.if u want to have drinks u can have buttermilk or fruit juices or coconut water
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Question: Sugar cane juice is good for health and my baby
Answer: Hi dear Sugar cane is absolutely safe during pregnancy, unless you have gestational diabetes .you should refrain from drinking sugarcane juice during pregnancy. Otherwise, sugarcane juice is very good and safe to drink during pregnancy. It contains trace amounts of calcium, iron, magnesium, potassium, zinc, thiamine and riboflavin.
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Question: Can i have pineapple juice at 39th week of pregnancy.. is it safe for baby??
Answer: No my dear during pregnancy period pineapple is not safe
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