2 months old baby

Is it safe fr baby to sleep on him tummy

It's not safe because it will prevent oxygen flow. Make the baby to sleep.on the back only. It will give enough oxygen supply and won't cause any complications
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Question: Hi, can baby sleep on their tummy, is it safe
Answer: Hello, If your baby is able to flip himself onto his stomach while sleeping, it's okay to leave baby that way. By the time he can do this, his risk for SIDS (sudden death)is much lower. But you should still continue to put him down to sleep on his back until he reaches age one.
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Question: Is this safe if baby sleep on h s tummy??
Answer: Yes good for digestion but change babies position after 15 to 20 minutes.. T ey get tired and can't turn on their own
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Question: is it safe to sleep somewhat tilted towards tummy on right side
Answer: hello.. dear sleep on left side is the best position to sleep in the pregnancy. it helps provide nutrients and oxygen to your baby.. so all the best.. happy pregnancy
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