8 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Is it safe during preg. to drink lemon-honey in warm water first thing in the morning

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Answer: Hello! it is fine to have lemon in warm water but without honey. Honey is heat generating food which Is not good during the initial pregnancy. Lemon with water infact helps to fight with morning sickness and its vitamin c helps to fight with infections like cold.
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Question: Hi can i drink lemon honey with warm water first thing in the morning daily? It actually helps me with digestion and gas trouble. Is it safe?
Answer: Yes it is absolutely save..... Lemon juice is Beneficial in relieving constipation. It also content. Vitamin C ... So it is save..
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Question: Is it safe to drink lemon and honey in warm water in the morning
Answer: Hello dear. Eating lemons during pregnancy can have several advantages, but it carries some disadvantages as well. While the fruit provides a good amount of vitamins and minerals and may ward off morning sickness, it may cause damage to your tooth enamel and trigger or exacerbate heartburn or other gastrointestinal issues. Honey is a storehouse of nutrients. Yes you can have in moderation. Take care.
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Question: Warm water with honey n lemon first thing in the morning? Safe or not?
Answer: That's good for those who are trying to reduce weight..better you avoid during pregnancy.since you need calories for the growth of the baby better to avoid foods which cut down the calories.instead you can have fresh lime juice and others as per ur wish.
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