23 weeks pregnant mother

Question: is it safe 2 take pudinhara, nw 23 weeks pregnant

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Answer: No, rather you can try home remedies for gas and constipation. 1. Drink plenty of fluids 2. Stay active and do walk and yoga. 3. Cut down gassy foods like potatoes, wheat, broccoli,egg plant etc. 4. Rich fibre food intake, figs, and bananas, and vegetables, as well as whole grains like oats and flax meal are all good fiber boosters to consider. 5. Light meal often and moderate amount. 6. Fennel seeds and buttermilk for easy digestion.. 7. Eat smaller meals more frequently instead, which not only helps reduce gas but also can help control your blood sugar levels. 8. Slow down how fast you eat. The faster you eat, the more likely you will swallow air with your food, contributing to gas.
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Question: Is it ok to take pudinhara... M 6 weeks pregnant
Answer: Hello! Please avoid taking pudin hara as it also has certain chemicals, it is better to take home remedies which are safe and effective too. 1. A glass of water with a tsp of fresh lemon juice with honey.2.Coconut water empty stomach early morning.3. Chew fennel seeds after every meal.4.Buttermilk works well.5. 4 litres of water daily 6 Yogurt or a glass of milk can also relief heartburn.7. Try to avoid eating a couple hours before bed or a nap 8. Walk twice daily to helps in maintaining easy bowel movements. Take care
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Question: m 23 weeks pregnant is it safe to take progesterone tag during 2nd and 3rd trymister
Answer: Hello dear, During the menstrual cycle,progesterone levels rise after ovulation to help build and sustain a lining in the uterus. ... In trying to help prevent miscarriages, some doctors began prescribing progesteronesupplements in pregnancy to many of their patients in order to prevent miscarriage. If your doctor precribed you, you can take. Hope it helped Take care urself..
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Question: Hi i am 23 weeks pregnant is it safe to take hb injections
Answer: Hb injections u mean???? Are u talking about iron sucrose injections which are used to increase hb If it's that Then it's safe
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