7 weeks pregnant mother

Question: is it risk to take scan 2 to 3 times before 3 months of pregnancy?

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Answer: Hello! No, there is no risk in taking scans during the ear pregnancy as there are no harmful rays involved. It uses the sound technology to make the necessary reading, hence absolutely safe. Take care.
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Question: When I take scan before 2 days.... It shows nothing fetal nodes are present.... What's that reason? Any risk is there?
Answer: Hi dear if you pregnancy is weak or your conception is late then you may not see proper view of your fetus or yolk sac in USG. Take the supplements and medicines prescribed by your doctor and each a healthy and nutritious diet. Drink adequate amount of water and take proper rest. During 11 weeks you should take another scan to check your fetal development. Don't worry.
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Question: I have 2 miscarriages in 6 months what precautions I have to take before pregnancy to prevent the risk of miscarriage again and again
Answer: Hi,you should in consultation with the Dr check for if there is any hormonal imbalance and weather you need to take any medication to balance the hormones when conceived also you should start with folic acid tablets when you are planning in consultation with the Dr You should have a healthy diet Should try and take good rest and avoid bending or lifting anything heavy or straining yourself. Visit your Dr for regular check up.
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Question: Can we take scan before 6 weeks of pregnancy ?
Answer: Hi dear, Scan before 6 weeks is not possible.it won't detect anything through scan now.first ultrasound scan is done between 6-10 weeks.
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