1 months old baby

Question: Is it required to change diaper as soon as baby poo in it

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Answer: Hey, Yes it's mandate to change baby's diaper as soon as he poops. Leaving the poopy diaper unattended for long might cause skin reactions/rashes.
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    Srilekha Rath920 days ago

    is there any poop diaper to use?

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Question: My 2 months old baby poop all the time... As soon as I change she will poo... Even when she cry she will poo...plz suggest
Answer: Dear if the poop is watery it should be reported to doctor. Also a 2 month old shouldn't poop so frequently. Usually breastfeed babies poop once every 2-3 days and formula fed babies once a day. So ur baby's number are very high and should be consulted with doctor. Hope it helps.
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Question: Hi mam...my baby boy was 4 months old .....he got diaper rash nd neck rash......how to prevent it fastly......and I don't use diapers also....I use cloth diaper ....I change it as soon as
Answer: Hi dear, Nappy rash is a common misery in babies.it happens due to sensitive skin of babies.when it comes in contact with pee and poo,or in contact with damp nappy,babies get rashes. Try the following remedies: keep the area clean and dry and airy,never rub while cleaning the area, coconut oil is very good in treating rashes,using alcohol based wipes could irritate the skin too,prolonged exposure to damp diaper could get rashes so keep changing the wet diapers,some antibiotics can also trigger such rashes...,
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Question: My baby is having daily rashes in buttocks area.. I dont put her diaper also shes always in cloth diaper.. And change her as soon as she is wet.. Please guide how to heal it fast and what precautions can we take to prevent it as we vl be traveling next week for 5 days.. Please guide its urgent plz
Answer: Use rashes cream and leave it at least 15 mins without diaper or cloth in a day
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