23 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Is it problem ,low laying placenta,what i have to do to overcome the problem plz tell me

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Answer: Don't lift heavy objects, avoid staircase, totally bed rest .
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Question: I have low laying placenta.. is it possible for normal delivery.. plz tell me
Answer: Hi dear in low lying placenta normal delivery is almost impossible. As your placenta blocked cervix ,its not possible to have vaginal birth. With advancement of pregnancy if Placenta moves upward then there is a less chance of normal delivery. But you should prepare yourself mentally for C section. This is more safer option than normal delivery in your case. Take care.
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Question: What is the problem for low laying placenta?
Answer: Hello! placenta may still move up in time for your baby to be born. By the end of pregnancy, There can be complications closer to the birth if it hasn't moved but nothing too serious. You may have to have a c-section..sometimes you can lose more blood with placenta previa but that is not very common.dont take stress..take proper rest n healthy diet.
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Question: What is meaning of low laying placenta my doctor says scan i have low laying placenta any risk low laying placenta?
Answer: Hi dear.. you don't need any exercises for low lying placenta. You will need complete bed rest. Donligt weight or cause body any strain. If you can take bed rest, the placenta will become correct positon. Sleep more on the left side. It will help.When the placenta covers the opening in the mother's cervix is called low lying placenta..
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