16 weeks pregnant mother

Question: is it possible to know the gender of baby it's my fourth month

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Answer: Yes but it's crime in India & it's punishable
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    priyanka srivastava937 days ago

    No no I mean to say by symptoms

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Question: Is it possible to know the gender of baby during 3rd month with the help of nt scan ?
Answer: Hi, many congratulations on your pregnancy. Gender of baby can be found out in scan after 3rd month. However, detection of gender is not allowed anywhere in India. Due to this law, it turns to be best kept secret, and a lovely surprise at the end of pregnancy. Hope this helps.
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Question: I want to know gender of my baby without ultrasound, it can be possible
Answer: No... and why do you want to know gender? Are you not happy that you are atleast pregnant? So many women are not able to become pregnant and you are worrying about gender? Pray to God that you have a safe and normal delivery... baby and mother should be safe... that is all that you should worry about... take care and safe delivery
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Question: is it possible to know gender at 28th week?
Answer: it's possible by checking up sonography report..check YouTube for dt
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