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Question: Is it possible to have normal delivery for patients having pcos?

Answer: Hello dear PCOD can make pregnancy difficult, it is one of the most treatable forms of infertility in women. The hormonal imbalance that occurs with PCOD interferes with the growth and release of eggs. Many women with PCOD do not ovulate, and therefore cannot become pregnant on their own. Treatments are available to help you ovulate and increase your chances of getting pregnant. Yes, it is quite possible to have a normal delivery post getting treated for PCOD. In fact your doctor will guide u how ur pcos can be treated
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Question: Is it safe for normal delivery of pcos patients?
Answer: Dear if your pregnancy is not having any complication then it is possible to have a normal delivery. Actually normal delivery depends on too many factor which cannot be predicted earlier. Like baby is engaged in time, cervix is dilated enough for the labor to start, amnuitic fluid level is apt as per the pregnancy. If all goes well you can have a normal delievry. Trust me it is based on my personal experience I ate healthy, was not overweight, no complications in pregnancy, absolutely healthy pregnancy I had and did all the exercises told by my gynae however my baby did mnot take the head down position and my cervix did not get dilated enough and my fluid level went extremely low. So just focus on your health and everything else leave it on god. Hope i helped.
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Question: Is normal delivery possible for diabetic patients?
Answer: Yes. It is possible. Except that the pelvis should be adequate and the baby's weight shouldn't be too much. In diabetic mothers often the babies are born with a larger weight. But yes.. normal delivery is possible
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Question: Normal delivery is possible in thyroid patients?
Answer: Yes possible if you continue medication and get thyriod stabilized.
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