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Question: Is it possible to have normal delivery after cervical clearage or cervical encirclage

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Answer: Yes dear, it's completely possible to have a normal delivery after cervical stitches rather its gets more easy because when the stitches gets open the chances gets high that cervix will dilate quickly and pains start.
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    Selva Abraham720 days ago

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Question: I have cervical pain... cervical encirclage done in 14 Week... is it symptom of labour ?
Answer: Hi dear, Cervical pain need not be the sign of labor.you are at 36 weeks,still preterm. cerclage would be removed once you are full term that is by 38 weeks.
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Question: Is it possible to have normal delivery after LSCS ?
Answer: Yes you can but it depends upon the gap between d pregnancies, how is pregnancy going now ( bp, afi level, diabetes and all) and how is ur health after first pregnancy and also depend on babies position like baby in breech position, transverse position. When everything will be normal then normal delivery also possible.
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Question: Is bed rest mandatory after cervical encirclage?
Answer: Yeah if the stitches are made it is mandatory to have bed rest else u will end up in early pregnancy .or early labour
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