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Question: Is it possible to get pregnant during end of periods?

Answer: No..ii was nt possble intercourse between 12th to 18th day of your periods as much as u can .
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Question: Is it possible to get periods in 20 days gap
Answer: Yes dear!! Period can come early also but it happens because of weakness, medication or stress . So don't worry let this period get over and see if next period come early or not. If they get early then consult with a gynaecologist to know the exact reason for it..
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Question: can one get pregnant again ? during 3 mnths of first pregnancy.. is it possible?
Answer: No dear it's not possible . Once you get pregnant you can not get again untill you deliver your baby
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Question: Is it possible to get pregnant after delivery without periods/ovilation indication?
Answer: Hi dear, Yes,infact post delivery there is more risk to get unplanned pregnancy.that is why one should take necessary precautions.even If you have no periods it is possible that you still donot get carried away by the fact.
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