32 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Is it possible to change the position of baby from breech to cephalic at 31 weeks of pregnancy

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Answer: Don't worry dear.. Babies change their position till 37 weeks of pregnancy.. So there is still a chance of it to rotate.. And doing anything externally like putting ice pack or exercising is waste.. Because my baby was breech too... At 30 weeks I tried these things nothing happened.. But naturally it came to its position at 32 weeks and now my baby is again breech.. OK
Answer: Hi, Yes absolutely!!! Your baby can change it's position right up till 36 weeks.So be positive. All the best.
Answer: It will change upcoming weeks
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Question: Baby can change there position cephalic yo breech at 38weeks pregnancy is it possible
Answer: Hi dear, Breech position of baby at this stage is quite risky as there is hardly any chance or flipping to cephalic presentation.since there is hardly any space in uterus to move around.c section seems to be the only way to deliver.kindly vheck witu doctor for any excercises or ways to change tye position if baby....
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Question: What is the breech position of baby? Change of position is possible after 28th weeks?
Answer: Hello dear breech position means head is upside and legs are down side near cervix. The baby's position changes during pregnancy. It is possible that the breech may get corrected. However if the breech persists the delivery will have to be through a c section. No special precautions are there for breech position.
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Question: Is it possible to change the position of baby from breech to cephalic at 35 weeks pregnancy?
Answer: Yes therr is a chance of changing position of baby till 9th month don't have worry
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