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Question: Is it possible to concieve another baby at the time of periods.if possible then after how many days of periods

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Answer: Hi,you can try to conceive thee are chances of conceiving.whdn you try after the periods ,if you have e tried during the periods than NO.after 12 th day you should try to conceive.
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Question: After periods of five days is it possible to concieve a baby
Answer: Hi dear, Conception of baby is only possible if you have egg and sperm.if there is no egg,then sperm cannot fertilize .simple.so if you have intercourse in absence of ovulation, which usually comes from 10 th day to 16 th day post period ,the possibility of conceiving decreases.
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Question: After how many days from periods we can concieve preganancy?
Answer: Hi dear, Timing your intercourse plays major role in conceiving rather doing it frequently.ovulation is the period when you release egg from your ovary.during this time if through intercourse sperm is introduced in your vagina,it could fertilize your released egg.now if there is no egg, intercourse won't be useful.ovulation or fertile period could start from 10-18 days post period.if your period starts today,have intercourse from 10 th day to 18 th day.as ovulation time changes for each individual depending on each ones period cycle,it is quite difficult to track when exactly one ovulates.ideally it is most of the time on 16 the day for a 28 days cycle.you can also use an ovulation kit to track your ovulation.or observe the following signs: discharge changes from thick white to egg white consistency,mild abdominal cramp or back ache,mild increase in body temperature,increase in libido or sex urge,breast tenderness and mild, spotting.
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Question: After due of periods after how many days have to check the pregnancy
Answer: after 7 days from ur missed period date u can check with pregnancy kit in ur home..u get accurate results if u check with first urine test in morning.
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