38 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Is it possible for baby to come to traverse position from cephalic position at 37 weeks???

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Answer: no dear cephalic is best position for delivery.your baby will be in cephalic position only
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Question: i am in 33week and my babys position is breech?? will it come to cephalic position.. ?? and if come at wat week it ill be in cephalic position??
Answer: Till 36 weeks the baby can change postion. So breech position can change to cepahalic. Hope for the best!
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Question: My baby is in cephalic position during 37 weeks. Is it possible to change the positions in later weeks.
Answer: Baby positioning generally will happen automatically in last weeks of pregnancy 40 weeks is generally taken as full term pregnancy You still have time for you and your baby to come to position Do not worry Most of the pregnancies position will come just one to two days or weeks before delivery
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Question: What should be done for baby not flipping back from cephalic position at 37 weeks
Answer: Ho,that's a natrual process dear so can't do anything about this dear.dont worry.
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