1 months old baby

Question: Is it okay to put on the fan or AC in baby's room? As weather is getting hot, my baby is unable to sleep due to sweat and humidity.

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Answer: I think fan s better than AC.... U can go for fan Dey feel comfortable in fan only
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Question: My baby is 2 months old..can i use AC in the room?? Baby is sweating due to hot weather..
Answer: hi yes you can use AC in the room but make sure that the temperature of the room is kept off the AC is kept at 24 degrees at 25 degrees so that it is bearable for the baby
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Question: Is it safe to put baby on AC room... My girl baby is 47dys old...
Answer: Nooo.... Baby may become hypothermic.... Have to give her kangaroo mother care...that is her body should be well covered...
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Question: Is it ok if i put fan for my baby as it is too hot now a days. My baby is 40days old. N sometimes my baby also sweays due to hotty weather
Answer: Hello, Dear it's completely fine to keep a baby under the fan because as you said the weather is hot so baby needs on air also so it's completely fine.. just make sure that baby is properly covered and their is not so cold for the baby.
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